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Sula granti Popular

Scientific Name
Sula granti
English Name
Nazca Booby
Nombre Español
Piquero de Nazca


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About This List

The following list is based on the South American Classification Committee check list available on July 2010, with some changes following R.S. Ridgley and G. Tudor, The Songbirds of South America, 2009.

La siguiente lista está basada en la lista de las aves de Sudamérica publicada por el Comité Clasificación de Sudamérica disponible en Julio del 2010, con ciertos cambios en concordancia con R.S. Ridgley and G. Tudor, The Songbirds of South America, 2009.

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Lelis Navarrete – Birding tour leader. Lelis has 19 years of experience as a birding guide and naturalist in the field. He has led groups of birders throughout most of Latin America, guiding frequently in countries like his native country of Ecuador and in the Galapagos Islands, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Panama. A Biology B.Sc. graduate from Universidad Católica in Quito, Lelis has supported Jocotoco Foundation since its founding in 1998 and was an active Board Member until 2010 supporting Ecuadorian bird and wildlife conservation. Lelis divides his time between his two great passions in life: birding and spending time with his wife Solange and son Fabian with whom he lives in Quito.


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